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I heard  a few people saying a bunch of "other people" thought the 
was  too long.  I never heard from many or even a few individuals who  
the Convention was to long during the 6 years I was on the  BoD.

Dennis Pleau

After reading through someone's scan of a 1984 Conmmunique, I picked  out 
this gem of a letter:
Having just returned from the National Convention where I heard the  
comments concerning convention costs and scheduling, I will volunteer to host  the 
1988 convention. In order to keep costs at a minimum, I'll try to get the  
City Council to permit me to erect 12-man squad tents in the Trinity River  
Bottom, in lieu of costly hotel facilities. They allowed the protesters to 
the  Republican convention to camp there, so a precedent has been set. The 
EPA may  object to the digging of slit trenches, but this is much cheaper than 
renting  portable sanitation facilities.
I won't plan to provide any bathing  facilities since the Convention will 
last only four days. We can hold the  Concours where the cowboys corralled 
the longhorn cattle they drove down the  river bottom during the Republican 
National Convention. The cow chips should be  pretty well dried up in four 
I think you can see that we could have a  cheap convention. I'll start work 
on this as soon as you accept this  proposal.
Oh, yes—since the July date of the convention interferes with our  annual 
club birthday picnic, for the convenience of all, I'll sandwich the '88  
convention in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Todd Marsh, Dallas,  TX

Gee - I don't remember the 95 Dallas convention being like that at all. 
Seth  Emerson

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