<VV> Pricing a Barn Find

peter koehler pkoehler01 at atlanticbb.net
Mon Apr 12 08:17:37 EDT 2010

Hey Gang! Just got back from the Charlotte AutoFair and am 
trying to catch up on all of the usual "stuff" on VV. Paul 
Sergeant's post about trying to buy an original Corvair 
after reading about them in the Communique is just what I 
had in mind when I sent that article to Mike McG for 
publication. The blue '63 on the April cover did take a 
number of years to purchase. The reason was that the owner 
(the original dealer's son) thought the car was worth more 
than I thought it was worth. A common problem that many 
Corvair enthusiasts encounter as we "wheel and deal". My 
point with the '63 sedan was that it was.. well, just a 
'63 Monza sedan. It didn't have any "extras" like A/C or 
K-H wire wheels. And, it had sat so long unattended that 
the engine was locked up - just like the car that Paul is 
looking at. By the time reality set in and the owner 
decided to reduce his price the car had deteriorated even 
more than when I first saw it. The only real casualty was 
the upholstery. It is still there, but stained from the 
mildew. I bought new seat covers at the Jacksonville 
convention swap meet for an unbeatable price, but I'm not 
sure that I want to destroy the originality of this car.

Paul's "find" is different in that is a more popular car 
in a more popular color. Red Corsa coupes seem to get more 
attention than blue early model sedans. The relative value 
of the car in either as-found condition or B-J ready 
reflects this trend. So Paul, try to buy that car and get 
it back on the road. You may find that the engine will 
break free and run fine after you check it over and clean 
up whatever needs cleaning. By all means try to bring it 
out of hibernation and back into the public eye.

And if you are ever ready to sell that '61 Tuck-under 
Tempest Grocery Getter...give me a call! - Caveman Pete

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