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Harry Jensen, Executive Secretary corsa at corvair.org
Wed Apr 14 07:54:05 EDT 2010


On 4/13/2010 2:09 PM, lewisrishel wrote:
> It seems to me that if one or several members want to print out  all or a
> portion of the Comm., with pics of nice looking cars,  to pass out to
> potential members, why not ??

Well, let's see. I can think of two reasons right off the top of my head.

1. It is illegal. The Communique is copyrighted.

2. The real value of the Communique is the printed piece. Referencing 
the same 2008 survey that been talked about recently on VV, the printed 
Communique is overwhelming preferred over the e-version. Why give a 
potential member a less than optimal copy?

If you get a name and address, I'll be happy to mail sample copies to 
any potential members.

The member brochure is on the website in PDF format. See:


If you like, I will put an older copy of the Communique on the site in 
PDF format. It will be produced from the original digital files and will 
be high quality. The one thing it will not be is small: the file size is 
over 7 MB.


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