<VV> Radials not Rotarys

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 16 14:08:34 EDT 2010

> The author has also confused a radial engine with a rotary engine in the 
> part about the RX2, and claims that rotaries were old technology in the 
> 1920's. I thought the wankel was invented in the 50's.
> Scotty from Hollyweird
 Scotty- There's rotary engine patents that go back to 1900 or so, but Felix Wankle's 

first running prototypes were built in the early 1920's, and his first rotary engine

patents were awarded in the late 1920's (1927, I think). He then proceeded to spend

the next 20 odd years fixing the bugs in his design. In 1952 NSU became sufficiently

impressed with his engine to begin the collaboration that led to the 1950's patents

that you are referring to.


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