<VV> CORSA vs Collectible Automobile

Bruce Schug bwschug at att.net
Fri Apr 16 19:56:47 EDT 2010

It seems that one of the most popular and controversial topics in the  
Corvair world these days is the cost of CORSA membership.

I recently received a bill for my subscription to "Collectible  
Automobile".  A one-year, six issue subscription has a cover price of  
$59.70 ($9.95 each).  My special price is only $39.95!

If you've ever seen "Collectible Automobile", it is a gorgeous  
magazine.  Lots of great color photos and good articles on wonderful  
collector cars.  But forty bucks a year, for six issues, seems pretty  
steep.  I don't remember if I paid that much originally; maybe in a  
weak moment.  I haven't sent my check in yet and don't know if I am  
going too.

But it struck me that this is almost as much as CORSA dues are, for  
which I get twelve nice "magazines" and much more.  Now, I know some  
of you don't think the Communique is worth a hoot, but I do.  And I  
know some of you see no value in the other CORSA benefits, but I do.   
CORSA certainly seems to be worth forty-five dollars, compared to this  
beautiful magazine.

Just thought this was an interesting observation.


Bruce W. Schug
CORSA South Carolina
CORSA member since 1980
Performance Corvair Group
Stock Corvair Group
'67 Monza, "67AC140"
bwschug at att.net

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