Richard/Gail Spiess spiessdg at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 17 12:03:18 EDT 2010

I must admit that I have been ignoring VV for the past few months because of the ridiculous infighting about CORSA.  But, after reading some of the messages today, it is obvious that things have only gotten worse.  I cannot believe that so much HATE can fly across the world of Corvair owners over what is nothing more than raising the dues by about $10 per year( ( that's less than 3 cents per day which is even less than the normal sudden gas price increases) and making CORSA membership a requirement.  I am tired of old folks complaining that they cannot afford $10 per year.  I am 72 and this excuse is as PHONY as can be.
If you are unhappy, get out.  Leave CORSA to the Corvair enthusiasts who actually give a darn.
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