<VV> Idea for promoting Corvair to gen. public @ conventions

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Sat Apr 17 12:10:29 EDT 2010

I have always thought it would be a neat idea for those hosting conventions 
 to arrange with the local oldies radio station to do a remote broadcast 
from the  convention site, at least on the day of the People's Choice car show 
if not the  entire time of the convention.  The radio station could be 
encouraged to  play songs that were on the top 10 of the charts between Oct. 
1959 and May 1969  and to mention the Corvair often and invite listeners to 
come down and check out  the cars.  Those among us who might have tapes, 
records whatever format  recordings of vintage Corvair radio commercials might 
lend those to the station  if they would be willing to play them.
I think too often many of us get so wrapped up in the here and now of our  
Corvairs we tend to forget the nostalgia interest of these cars from one of  
recent history's most interesting decades.  For instance, with the  
popularity of "Mad Men" on television there is a renewed fascination with  the era. 
 We should emphasize that the Corvair was a product of the '60s  along with 
the music, styles, fashions, social changes and politics.
~Bill Stanley

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