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 That, and GM was SO far behind Mazda in development, even without the first Arab Oil Embargo, I didn't see this engine coming to life. 


John Roberts


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Yup, Bill is right... I had a 1974 Popular Mechanix mag years ago that showed 
the Wankle in the "new" 75 Monza, which is why that car had the huge floor hump, 
giving it that "cockpit" feel... turns out it was going to need 2 or three 
catylitic convertors (and just one was quite expensive, let alone multiples) and 
the extra costs were rather prohibitive on a "small car"... according to a later 
issue of PM, I believe the same year.

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If you look at the engine compartment on the first H-bodies (Monzas, 
tarfires, etc )you can clearly see that they were designed for the rotary.
I understand the primary issues were the poor fuel economy (just after the 
irst major fuel crisis) and the new 1975 emissions (which required most 
ars to fit cats)... between the two issues they apparently pulled the plug 
t the very last second...

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n the 70s I spent a fair amount of time scrounging the scrap yards in the 
etroit area. (the source of my Chevy aluminum 283 and 427blocks) On one 
ccasion I noticed huge piles of GM Wankle engines and took a closer look. 
hey were designed to bolt to the standard Chevy bell housing and had 
tandard alternators and other external pieces. I left thinking the decision 
o cancel the program came very close to production.
(other interesting pieces that I saw were Chrysler turbines)

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