<VV> Wankels

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Apr 17 20:51:13 EDT 2010

At 05:55 PM 4/17/2010, John Kepler wrote:

>Jay Leno has a rotary powered motor cycle in his collection.   I forget the
>It's a Suzuki!  TK is supposed to have built the motor.

There was another.   ;)

In Schweinfurt Germany there was a Sachs plant that built engines for 
mopeds and small motocycles, some of them marketed under the Hercules 
name.   Sachs and Herc mopeds were all over the place in Schweinfurt, 
likewise motorcycles with the same names.   I had a Sachs moped, ran 
it all over everywhere.

One of the first Wankel powered motorcycles was the Hercules, and it 
was air cooled.    Early 1970s, believe it came along before the Suzy.


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