<VV> GM Wankels, Starfire, flying cars (Dennis Johnsey)

Dennis Johnsey USN (ret) dilligras at yahoo.com
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I bought a new, six cylinder Olds Starfire in '75 because the V8 Monza required pulling the engine off its mounts to access sparkplugs. Now I know why. The wankel was also used by OMC in personal watercraft and by Moller Industries in their remarkable prototype eight-engined flying car. 
>From the website:


Emissions and fuel consumption
 	Uses our 
proprietary low cost lean burn combustion process together with our 
patented combustion surface coating and pre-heated incoming fuel-air 
charge to greatly reduce both emissions and fuel consumption. This 
technology has the potential to eliminate both the lubrication and 
cooling systems. 
 	Long engine life in a low-cost 
 	Uses a new proprietary rotor and rotor cooling 
technology to reduce rotor weight and related mechanical stresses 
throughout the engine. Uses new apex seal material and proprietary 
plasma sprayed internal coatings.   Maximum power with 
minimum weight and size
 	Uses our proprietary porting 
design and advanced component development to generate twice as much 
power for its weight as most four-stroke competitors.   Modular
 design allows low cost power growth
 	One- and two-rotor 
versions of the Rotapower 650 Series engine provide scalable power for 
applications with requirements from 75 to 150 horsepower.   Ability
 to operate on any fuel
 	Proprietary technology developed 
to lower emissions and fuel consumption also allows the use of any type 
fuel with modest changes in the fuel injection system for operation with
 diesel fuel. 

"Veddy intedesting!"[Arty Johnson]

Imagining 3 or 4 of those in a '64 convertible...

'62 Custom Corvan w/'66 110hp & powerglide

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 Both Norton and Suzuki had Wankel powered motorcycles right from the

Ditto DKW.....but Suzuki built more RE-5's than Norton and DKW combined!


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