<VV> The End of 13 Inch Tires

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Apr 20 00:29:47 EDT 2010

At 10:57 PM 4/17/2010, Bill Elliott wrote:
>Other cars with 13"ers generally run smaller sizes... Neons run 165-13's

The one in the driveway has 185s, of course they got replaced a while 
back.   Lots of K-Cars wore 165s too.  Got a couple of those wheels 
w/tires someplace, came from the same source as the Neon wheels-tires.

>and Escorts generally ran small diameter 14" tires...

Nephew has an older blue Escort with 13s.   Damned near bald... 
waiting for him to see what HE turns up, tire-wise...  ;)  He'd been 
mumbling about some alloys w/15's...

>those will likely be available for some time.  We were lucky that 
>the Citation used larger diameter 13" tires or else we would have 
>likely lost tires even earlier...

I'm still waiting to see what the Fiats are gonna be running when 
they show up.

Remember the Suzuki/Chevy Sprint that caused a rebirth of 12" 
tires?   It's why you can go to Wal-Mart and buy tires for that Fiat 
500 or 600 or (in my case) Multipla.   One of 'em anyway... the pink 
and blue one has 13" Yugo wheels-tires on it (which added a little 
top end that made it driveable on the Interstate seeing how with 
taller tires it could hit off almost 50 mph without floating the 
valves) while the maroon-black Multipla still has 12's, which is 
kinda moot because I have the engine out of it and it's not going 
anywhere anytime real soon although it's gonna keep its 12" 
tires.   The antique Fiats owe that Sprint a favor.   :)

I'm still taking notes on all the 14" wheels that fit early 
'Vairs.  14" tires are still likely gonna be available for 
(relatively )cheap after the 13s get really scarce.    Read: 
expensive.   I've also seen 'Vairs with 15" wheels/tires, so... if need be...


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