<VV> The End of 13 Inch Tires

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Tue Apr 20 20:36:06 EDT 2010

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Subject: Re: <VV> The End of 13 Inch Tires

> Other cars with 13"ers generally run smaller sizes... Neons run 165-13's 
> and
> Escorts generally ran small diameter 14" tires...those will likely be
> available for some time.  We were lucky that the Citation used larger
> diameter 13" tires or else we would have likely lost tires even earlier...
> Bill
Also, consider the millions of ford ranger trucks and ford tempo cars ... 
using 14 inch wheels.   I would think it would take another 20 years for the 
rangers to go away, and maybe a couple weeks on the tempo ( heh heh I got 
tempo  .. can't wait till EndODays..  ) ...

just an observation...ken at deltawerkes 

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