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Hi Keith,

This is documented on my web site.

The trim code is either STD or Z60 (not 260) if built in Flint or 5Z60xx if
built in St. Louis. The last two characters are called an exception code and
no documentation has been found on them. Z60 is RPO Z60, which is documented


Look at the Custom Equipment entry of the "Options And Accessories When
Installed By Chevrolet" section. Z60 varied depending on the model, with the
Greenbrier (1206) getting the most stuff.

For the paint code, check the same page, in the "1964 Exterior Paint Color
Formulas" section. You'll see that 554 is Coppertone, two-tone. Pretty rare
combo! Looks like you left a character off the paint code though--there is a
redundant 5 at the beginning of all paint codes for St. Louis rigs, so yours
should read 5554AB (unless you left a digit off somewhere else).

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Howdy Folks,

I'm new to the list here, but not to corvairs.  I am currently trying to buy
my first Greenbrier and need help with trim and paint codes.  Anyone have
intel on Trim code: 526KD or Paint code: 554AB? It is a 1964 produced in
Flint if that matters.


Keith Klemm

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