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Fri Apr 23 01:28:42 EDT 2010

Hi JR,

Since when does a "block" of something have to be square? It just has to be
three-dimensional and relatively "square" in all three directions (as
opposed to rods, bars, etc.) But seriously, the item in question is so
named because of its genre's original function, which by now is shared by a
whole array of designs. The first "junction block" was probably just that.
A block designed specifically to provide a place for wiring ends to come
together. Since then, all such items meant to do that job have been called
by that term.

The term "shock" is short for "shock absorber", which is what they do.
Contractions that are commonly understood are perfectly acceptable.  There
is room for SOME "shorthand".

In the auto industry, many items derive their name from their original
function. Hence a windshield shields passengers from the wind (and thus
MUST by definition be in front of the passengers.) That is why there are so
few "rear windshields" (the exception is on dual cowl phaetons and town

As to "rear window", that's about as far as anyone can stretch it and still
expect to be understood. You also have to realize that "rear window" can
also refer to the rear side door window, or even the rear quarter window.
That is why it's stretching it, as there is room to be misunderstood even
then. One has to be careful when using contractions or "shorthand".

The idea of using correct terms is so that you can be understood by all.
It's like trying to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language.
You'd also have to speak his language to be clearly understood. It's just
so much easier that way. It's also a sign of intellegence. There's been
whole comedies written on that basis.

I'm not sweating anything. But for people to relish their ignorance and
show it off like it's some kind of medal is, well, stupidity at its most
obscene. I'd be ashamed if I was one of them. I'm just trying to educate
people, one moron at a time. LOL

Ditto on your last sentence.


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> Hi Mark,
> Shouldn't a "block" be essentially square on six sides (like a die - 
> singular for dice) as opposed to round (like a poker chip)?  Don't we
> other "non-standard" names for other car parts?  Without listing a number
> them, what are "shocks"?
> If I use that term - shocks - which category of "car enthusiasts" am I 
> placed into?  If someone says that they need a rear window for a '66
> are you going to jump all over them for not calling it a backlight?
> Relax man... life is too short as it is.
> Please smile now as this was not intended to be hurtful, but more like - 
> enlightening.
> Later, JR
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> Subject: <VV> Junction block, was: HRPT
> >
> > Also, I can also tell the REAL car people from the idiots, and everyone
> > between, by how they use accepted auto industry terminology. A REAL car
> > enthusiast prides himself in trying to use correct industry standard
> > terminology. Even car people who don't know the correct terminology for
> > something strive to find out the correct language to use. It's the
> > who think up some cutsie degrading term for those items he doesn't
> > understand, and hates because of his stupidity. I'll let you all 
> > catagorize
> > yourselves accordingly. You've already proven it to me.
> >
> > -Mark
> >

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