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Just as in real estate,

Location, Location, Location...

United States and England, two countries separated by a common language.

David, you've been reading too many Haynes manuals in your native language.


Frank DuVal

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Mark wrote; "The idea of using correct terms is so that you can be
understood by all.
It's like trying to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language.
You'd also have to speak his language to be clearly understood. It's just
so much easier that way. It's also a sign of intellegence,(SIC). There's
whole comedies written on that basis."

Well, I must be one of the morons that you speak of so ... eloquently .....
for instance, when I need to adjust the valves on my Corvair, I remove the
rocker covers using the spanners which I keep, generally for emergencies,
in the car's boot.

I now feel extremely foolish, because I suspect that what I should be doing
is removing the valve covers using wrenches which generally reside in my
car's trunk.

Thank heavens that there is someone here who can educate morons like me,
the better to keep our terminological inexactitudes on the straight and


Wallowing in terminological blunders whilst polishing a 1965 Convertible
140 4-speed Monza in leafy Leicestershire, England.

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