<VV> Powerglide interchange

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Apr 25 10:52:23 EDT 2010

At 10:47 AM 4/24/2010, BobHelt at aol.com wrote:
>Just curious...has anyone ever used an early model  (1960-63) Powerglide
>transmission connected to a 164 cu inch engine?
>According to the Shop Manuals, the 1964-69 PG had  increased oil pressures
>and was beefed up to match the 164 CID. So if one were  to mate a 1960-63 PG
>to a 164 CID engine, how would this work out?
>The EM transmission has lower internal  pressures which might make it shift
>differently (or badly) when tied to a 164  cid engine.
>Has anyone done this?  Were there any  problems with this combination?

No problems so far... with a 50 year old 200,000+ mile  Powerglide 
that's never had a screw turned on it, but still doesn't seem to care 
that it has a 110 behind it instead of the 80hp it came 
with.     This particular Powerglide has had its odd quirks since day 
one, however...  like the strange shift issue:

Downshift the transmission to LOW (like climbing a very steep grade 
and you wanna stop the transmission from constantly upshifting then 
downshifting again etc) and once you shift back into DRIVE it stays 
in LOW until you mash down HARD on the gas, whereupon it shifts into 
DRIVE.   Ease off the throttle and it shifts back down into LOW 
again.   Speed makes no difference, shift "reversal" issue does the 
same thing regardless of how fast you're going.  Stop, and it still 
won't upshift until you mash the gas hard enough to get into the 
kickdown which of course then downshifts the transmission back into 
LOW if you ease off.   When you're going 40 mph trying to clear this 
issue (hopefully) it becomes a bit of an adventure.   But it didn't 
take long to find a fix...

Shift the transmission up into Neutral, then back into Drive, all is 
well again.    Like I said, it's done this since the first day I got 
the car 26 years ago.


PS:   I'd wager this particular PG could really stand a band 
adjustment after all this time  but it continues to work as-is and if 
as much as touch a screw it's gonna fly into fig newton sized pieces

PPS:   "If it works, don't fix it!"  -- RWR  

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