<VV> Weird lighting incident

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 25 17:48:10 EDT 2010

>Absolutely; floor switch.
>>I hit the floor button to turn the high beams on.  
>>Instead of the high beams coming on, the headlights went off.  I thought I
>>blew a fuse.  

could also just be the plug-in to the switch and bad / corroded 
connectors -- the headlights switches have a circuit breaker built-in 
and it can go bad, but the first thing is the dimmer switch, and they 
give enough trouble that if it is not new, replace it.  The fact that 
they went out and stayed out makes one think that maybe the hdlt sw cb 
may have been the culprit keeping them off last night, but probably 
because of  bad connections at the dimmer. When / if it happens again, 
stop and just wait until the cb untrips and the lights come back on.  
The hdlt sw is not a common GM problem, but happens all the time in 
mid-seventies Ford pick ups, without a bad dimmer -- the breaker just 
get's weak.


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