<VV> Powerglide interchange

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Apr 26 00:26:37 EDT 2010

Bill, what have you got against Tony? His is a real world example of the 
cars we drive. Not everyone has factory fresh Corvairs at their disposal 
to mix and match factory fresh parts. Does not Tony's 110 164 cu in  
engine have the higher torque you speak of? Is it not mated to a 1960 
PG? Just try to get an earlier Corvair PG to experiment with! Is the 
transmission not performing just as well now as when the engine was 

Just remember the original question: "Has anyone used an early model PG 
with a 164 engine?" Tony has, and with no documented troubles.

If you want to do an engineering paper on problems using an early PG 
with a 164 cu in engine, I suggest you do not ask here, but invest in 
new parts to do a proper engineering test. The rest of us in the real 
world will still use used parts and drive our cars, swapping stories of 
swapping parts not approved by GM.

Frank DuVal

Bill Hubbell wrote:

>Consider this - the point of GM's modifying the Powerglide was to
>accommodate the higher torque of the 164 CID engines.  Your transmission
>already had an issue which causes it to operate outside of factory specs.
>This pre-existing problem may therefore be masking any problem that might be
>caused by mating it to the 110hp engine.
>My point is that if we do not run the test with perfectly functioning parts
>there will be additional variables introduced that will make it very
>difficult to come to any accurate conclusions.
>At 11:02 AM 4/25/2010, Bill Hubbell wrote:
>>I would say that Tony's situation does not answer the question. His 
>>powerglide obviously has shifting problems to begin with and is 
>>therefore a poor test vehicle.
>>Bill Hubbell

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