<VV> another PG problem

Spencer Shepard sshepard5 at carolina.rr.com
Mon Apr 26 11:31:01 EDT 2010

I have have a car in my shop ('61 PG) with a shift problem. It doesn't like to shift into Drive. If you shift to D it takes a while to engage. It seems to engage faster if you just let it idle until it engages. If you shift to L it will engage normally but will slip when you shift to drive and engages after a few (5+?) seconds.

I removed the valve body and the dreaded "E" clip is intact and in the proper place. The valves seem to move normally. It doesn't seem to be any different after reassembly.

The unit was supposedly "rebuilt" before the owner purchased it but has never been right.

I don't have lot of experience with these. Any ideas? 

Spence Shepard

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