<VV> 13 Inch Whitewalls

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 17:41:38 EDT 2010


Firestone still makes 13" narrow band whitewalls in the FR380 series.  Not a performance tire, but a decent radial for all-around driving.

I have them on my 69, love the whitewall look, and they perform decently.  I drive my car daily  and mostly local, and highway handling isn't too bad.  Actual is is P175/80R13.

The "original" 70-series Goodrich Radial R/Ts that were on the car when I got it, provided better handling, but I didn't like the white letters and the width added steering effort, so I'm pretty happy with 380s.

I run pressures of 24F  34R.

Better get 'em while they last, who knows when they'll stop making them.

Regards....Bill Hershkowitz  69 Monza Coupe 110 PG


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