<VV> Update on '65 Corsa Pricing

Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 26 17:53:28 EDT 2010

Hey guys, Bob Vukas lives in Topeka Kansas..................How much 
would it cost for his friend's wife to have Seth inspect the car, 
arrange shipping, change the boring color and buy the birthday 
cake...................Geeesh this list can abort any subject at a 
moments notice.

  Bob, can you get some of your Kansas crew to help inspect the car 
and take it for a test drive? It sure looks nice to me and although 
the pictures aren't the greatest they don't appear to be trying to 
hide any faults.

Chuck Armer
At 05:43 PM 4/26/2010, you wrote:
>AND...   It is NOT "Resale" Red!
>Even so, Seth would say it is a boring color - but that's just because he
>lives where EVERYTHING is that color.  Note the black plate!
>Later, JR
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> > This looks like the better deal at $5995:
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> > http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ctd/1708877082.html

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