<VV> update on another PG problem

Spence Shepard shepardauto at windstream.net
Tue Apr 27 09:26:08 EDT 2010

I drove the car this morning and it is still having trouble engaging in Drive. I did find that it will always engage in Drive if you shift to L initially (it always engages) and then manually shift to Drive. It doesn't seem to matter how hard you are accelerating or what speed you shift at. When you shift to D there is a very positive engagement. Taking off in D rather than L usually results in a lot of slippage before it engages Low gear and there is usually a lot of slippage when it shifts itself from Low to Drive. 

It seems to work well as a manually shfited 2 speed, but I'd like to fix it and don't trust that it will continue to work that way.

Spence Shepard 

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