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Gentlemen of VV!  I know this question has been discussed before  but I'm 
looking for suggested fixes to correct the front tires rubbing on  the 
fender bead,

I, too have had problems with the 205/60 on the front, but it is  usually 
more of a wheel backspace problem, than a tire size issue. I realize  that it 
is probably too late for wheel changes. But before resorting to  wheel-well 
surgery, you want to determine exactly where the tires are rubbing.  One of 
the problem areas is the front of the wheel-well, Actually "in-front" of  
the wheel-well. There is a horizontal surface, a couple of inches wide, at 
the  junction of the inner liner and the front body sheet-metal. It is a 
spot-welded  joint. This is a common area for contact, when the wheel is turned. 
Since it is  semi-invisible from the side, you can just vise-grip it and 
bend it up until you  have a target, them hammer it out of range of the tire. 
This may be all you  need. If you are contacting the area where the 
wheel-well trim is mounted, you  will have more work to do. If you do decide to roll 
the wheel well area, be very  careful. I have used a method of slicing a 
series of small cuts into the  spot-welded area - before rolling it up, this 
preserves the integrity of the  wheel-well, but allows the roll without 
wholesale damage. It is tricky. Be  careful

Seth Emerson

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