<VV> Laura Bush on Corvairs

John O'Shea jco99 at cox.net
Wed Apr 28 10:19:49 EDT 2010

Hi Steven,
At the risk of repeating myself.
Take your off topic political comments to VV Talk.
And again.
Take your off topic political comments to VV Talk.
Have a nice day.

Now, back to Corvairs...

Jack O'Shea
Las Vegas

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> Dear Jack:
>> Does someone know if Steven is new to Virtual Vairs?
>> Perhaps he should be advised to read the VV monthly guidelines.
>> Take your off topic political comments to VV Talk Steven.  That's where 
>> they belong.
>> Now, back to Corvairs...
> I have been on VV since 1999.  How long have you been around?
> Perhaps you missed the key portion of my comments which read "All politics 
> aside...".  Which one of those three words confused you?  Was it the word 
> "all"?
> I believe that any former First Lady of the U.S. writing about Ralph 
> Nader's observation of the Corvair, the NHTSA's analysis, and her own 
> thoughts concerning the Corvair are perfectly relevant to this list.
> I was making no political comment.  If *any* of the other surviving First 
> Ladies had made the same comments, I would have made the same post, 
> principally because it's relevant to this list.  If the vehicle in 
> question had been a Valiant, I wouldn't have made the post.  Get it?
> Before you knee jerks any harder, please do read through people's posts, 
> count to 10 (or even 15), and think before posting.
> Thank you for your consideration.
> Steven "sheesh" Serenska

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