<VV> [FC] Warning: vry dangerous invasive files NO CORVAIR

steven at sashimi.org steven at sashimi.org
Wed Apr 28 16:14:51 EDT 2010

It is a chore. Myt son got this bugger on his PC.  Took me three tries to
remove it over two evenings.  Basically I had to get into the registry
editor and delete the hijacked settings.  Wasn't hard to find information
on how to do it on the web, but it's not for the feint of heart.

- Steve B.

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Subject: Re: [FC] Warning: vry  dangerous invasive files NO CORVAIR

very nasty viruses going around that challenge even the big boys of  
they pose as virus scans that say if you pay them they will clean your  
machine...(kidnap it!).
it is a very hard chore to find ALL pieces of this stuff in your registry.  
if you reboot it takes out   explorer .exe , a main file of windows. 
this software will not go away with regular cleaning software , so watch  
this was on several tech sites recently , plus hospitals and the university 
 here got bit by it, along with many other places.
regards, tim colson   
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