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That's great!!, You ought to publish it!

Byron Comp
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Gainesville, FL
Looking for the car # to post!

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>I was practicing playing "My Favorite Things" on the piano, and suddenly got 
>this inspiration:
>?My Favorite Things - with Apologies to the Von Trapp Family?
>Small air-cooled engine that never will boil,
>Leaky old O-rings that smell  so, from oil
>Low, sleek cool styling that?s so debonair
>These are the reasons that I love Corvair,
>Four-wheel suspension that handles like cream
>Almost 2  million of Ed Cole?s great dream,
>Big brawny brakes that stop with such great flair,
>These are the reasons that I love Corvair
>Perfect weight balance and never front-heavy
>Advanced engineering that was new for Chevy
>Won autorcrosses for drivers who dare,
>These are the reasons that I  love Corvair.
>It?s the styling, it?s the handling,
>Does it all so well
>And if you say ?Falcon? you better run quick,
>Cuz I?m gonna  scream, and yell!


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