<VV> Solex carbs on Corvair?

Charles McKinley cmckinley313 at cox.net
Fri Dec 3 15:12:28 EST 2010

I have in my junk box a pair of almost-matched Solex PICT carbs that  
evidently came off Volkswagens years ago. They have electric chokes  
and appear to be complete and probably functional, given a bit of  
cleanup. Are any of you aware of any attempts to rig Solex carbs for a  
Corvair? My Rochesters are reasonably functional but are very old, and  
I think the throttle shafts are a bit worn & sloppy.

Thanks in advance for any ideas, cautions, etc.

Chuck McKinley
'63 Monza 900, 80 hp 3-speed

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