<VV> Changing a torque converter

Jim Simpson simpsonj at bellatlantic.net
Sat Dec 4 12:26:29 EST 2010

We need to change the torque converter on one of our member's cars - a '65
powerglide to be exact.  We were investigating why the starter wouldn't
engage properly and found that a) the nose on the starter had broken and b)
that the reason for the broken nose was that there are several missing teeth
on the ring gear.  (The teeth appear to have been missing for some time;
we're not entirely sure of the history of the engine but it was a used one
that was installed in the car a few years ago.  Likely the teeth were
missing back then.)


Since we're going in there to change the torque converter, besides just
bolting on a new torque converter, what else should we be doing?  Is there
anything else we would need besides a new torque converter?  Since we're
going to drop the drive train to do this, is there anything else we should
take care of while we've got it out?  


We don't want to do a major overhaul, just fix the problem(s), but if there
are any other things we could take care of much more easily while the drive
train is out, we'd welcome your suggestions.


Jim Simpson

Group Corvair

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