<VV> empty trip home

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If he wants an UltraVan he needs to join the UltraVan Club and learn 
something about them.  They are really different from a car or van, made 
like an airplane, no chassis. They are 8ft wide and won`t fit on a regular 
car trailer but they will fit on a large rollback.  They can be towed but 
this is a tricky job especially on a long distance trip.
The UltraVan Club has people that can advise him in the proper ways to do 
things.  They have to be jacked or lifted in special places or damange will 
occur. On a trailer or rollback you can`t just tie them down by the 
suspension or you can break it, it has aluminum pieces there. UltraVans are 
special vehicles !

John Howell
UV417 & UV489

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>i would have been more into letting the air out of the tires after loading
> it , and tieing it down.  i would put more effort into it than they did ,
> but i told him he was on his own with this one.
> by now, i think he has a plan...but never sure.
> anything with those wheels on the ground towing might be a bad situation ,
> thinking setting near salt water several years , rotted tires , bad wheel
> bearings , lots of stuff i would not want to do side of the road style.
> i am sure he will pull it off.
> meanwhile back here the snow has not stopped...so as i blow the snow 
> around
> , i wonder how he is doing coming up rt 81 with that empty 2 car
> trailer...
> more to this story later!
> regards, tim colson

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