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Although I have, on occasion moved the copies of "Unsafe @" from the Auto  
section in my local libraries to the Fiction section, under N for Nader, I  
really don't see it as fiction. It is more propaganda. That would be full of 
 intended lies, not fanciful fiction. It was published with a definite  
purpose in mind. Not really intending the Corvair as a target, Nader was aiming 
 at the Auto industry as a whole, trying to get it to reform it's methods 
of  dealing with safety both in car design and sales. Well, as we have seen 
since  1965, car design has certainly been affected. For better or worse, 
cars are now  much safer to be in during an accident.
Sales? Not so much! See the latest Corvette TV commercial: "Nice  to know, 
America still builds Rockets!"
Seth Emerson - (Sitting in the Denver airport between flights)
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-Publication date for the novel,  Unsafe at any  Speed

Novel.  Very apt Bob.   "Unsafe and Any Speed" certainly was  fiction.

Bob  Hall
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