<VV> Vega

Gary Moore tdrinkr at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 9 16:56:29 EST 2010

The 77 Vega sport coupe (notchback) I purchased new gave me no trouble at all. Well the day we test drove it got stuck in reverse, it was a easy fix and got me an extra $100 off. The car had 140,000 miles on it six years later when I sold it. It did not use any oil and ran like a top. The 76-77 dura-built 2.3 liter engines were a big improvement over the previous versions, with better coolant pathways, a improved head design and better valves. The 76-77 bodies received a better anti-rust treatment. I ran into the car again in the 90s still running with 180,000 miles, but rust was starting to show. My father-in-laws 1971 Vega was rusted so badly after 6 years that he literally washed a third of the front right fender off at the car wash. In the last two years of production the Vega was not a bad car, but the damage had been done to its reputation. GMoore


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