<VV> OT: Vegas

Frank F Parker fparker at umich.edu
Thu Dec 9 21:54:18 EST 2010

Bought a Vega GT new in 1971. Added a turbo to it shortly later. Had 
trouble with cyl walls so sleeved it ( still have some spares somewhere) 
and added a Doug Roe cylinder head ( famous GM engineer who quit GM, moved
to Arizona, made parts and wrote good books by HP like his Rochester Carbs 
book). Had to make some special wedge screws to set valve clearance. 
Worked ok BUT best thing was to replace engine with OLDS 215 alum V8. 
Worked great, fit easy and transformed car. Hot Rod had an article about
using a Saginaw 3 speed with OD and making a 8 speed to a Saginaw using 
the planetary gearset in tailhousing. I did it, worked great. You had
1st gear, 1st gear with OD, etc etc. Of course, you mainly just used OD
in 4th where you got a 30% drop in engine speed to about 1500 rpm at
70 mph which the 215 did easily since had smallish ports with great
torque. Did a 2000 mile trip and averaged 28 mpg-pretty good for 1972.
Had little rust around tailgate but fixed with zinc dichromate primer- 
illegal now of course.

frank parker

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