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vair140 at aol.com vair140 at aol.com
Fri Dec 10 18:05:08 EST 2010

When I got my car the remote mirror had been removed but most of the parts were left in the trunk (including those broken plastic thingies).  The cables had been cut but the remote handle was left in.  I'm still trying to get one more of those broken plastic pieces inside the mirror replaced but I did come across a way to replace the cables.  While I was going thru my remote control airplane stuff I came across some actuator cables and sleeves and they were perfect in length and diameter so if your looking for actuator cables, these are perfect for fabricating them.  These cables come in different lengths and diameters and can be cut to the correct size.  Now back to trying for that plastic thingie.


Guy Brandes

65 Vair 140

"Unsafe at any speed for over 46 years"

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