<VV> Corvair A/C Question

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Mon Dec 13 16:07:21 EST 2010

Uh, John,

We REALLY don't want to hear about your mellow weather temps...... But then, 
don't forget to tell us how nice and warm, sunny it is on, say, Aug 15th, 
too... I recall about 114° in the shade...

Just sayin'  :>))

Chuck S
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> Enjoying another warm, sunny afternoon in Las Vegas.  No snow here.
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> From: "shortle" <shortle556 at earthlink.net>
>>I had a '65 Corvair 500 3 speed with factory A/C. This car was a parts 
>>I realized after removing the center vent that the hole was FOR SURE cut
>>with a torch. This may have been a "dealer installed" system but it had 
>>the right stuff. This was 25+ years ago.

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