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I like that one!  Yes, the self-proclaimed experts often are wrong or 
at least incomplete.  I hear that Canadian Corvairs have slight 
variations from ours ... and somehow, it seems a bit futile to be 
over the top on the subject.  I had a guy interested in my Spyder 
when I sold it that would not buy it because it was not "numbers 
matching" and no amount of "proof" I could offer him could prove to 
him that 62 Corvairs never were numbers matching (e.g. the engine, 
tranny, and body, never had the same number on them). E

At 07:30 PM 12/14/2010, you wrote:
>Sounds a bit like the old "Aerodynamically, bumblebees can't 
>fly.  Don't tell the bumblebees."
>On Dec 14, 2010, at 2:51 PM, Eric S. Eberhard wrote:
> > I had a 74 BMW 3.0 CSL that was equipped in a way that everyone said
> > was not correct.  This caused me trouble trying to sell it.  Then a
> > kind person sent me a period magazine article.  It showed pictures of
> > their test car equipped exactly like mine -- to a "T" -- and in the
> > article the explained that their's was an "export" version and hence
> > was equipped with variations from the home market version.  And my
> > car was correct despite 25 experts that said otherwise!
> >
> > E

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