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And, unlike aircraft, cars spend most of their time at light load, by 
FAR, the most inefficient operating regime for a gas turbine.
Maintenance free? Yep. A fuel hog? Absolutely!
John Roberts

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> And speaking of turbines, who can forget the 1963 Chrysler Turbine 
car? The simplicity of the turbine meant fewer parts which implied less
maintenance. So why wasn't brought to market?
> Oh, I guess I answered my own question.
> Rodney

Ever seen the 1964 movie "The Lively Set".
a remake of the 1954 film "Johnny Dark". The Lively Set featured the 
Turbine car, and turbines in general. One of my favorite films.
The History Channel has a video available on the Chrysler Turbine car 
and its
history, including its sad destruction when it was scrapped. That film 
is also
on the internet....a tear jerker.

Gary Swiatowy
Has an original dealer promo, and sales brochur for the Turbine car

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