<VV> Double Flair Fule Lines

Adam Parker parkman76 at verizon.net
Wed Dec 22 17:17:30 EST 2010

My 1965 Corsa 140 Convertible has been out of commission for the past 9
months or so.  It seems I had a small fuel leak in the engine bay.  So I
decided to tear out all the fuel lines and start over.  I had a friend who
took Stainless Steel lines and Swagelok connections and bend all the piping
into place.  It looks pretty good but the flares are not holding up, they
still leak.

1.	Does anyone know what tools are best for thick walled Stainless
Steel?  I have been trying myself only I can't seem to get it right.
2.	Does anyone ins the San Jose, Ca area know anyone who could make the
double flare connections?



Adam Parker

1965 Corsa 140 Convertable


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