<VV> 1978 Corsa Convention - Lakewoods

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Mon Dec 27 16:18:35 EST 2010

I was watching a video last night. A fellow Corvair club member shot Super  
8  film at the San Diego convention in 1978. They were transferred to DVD a 
 few years ago. He had pictures of the Board of Directors speaking to  
assembled throng (lots of hair there!) pictures of many of the cars in the  
Concours, including my 2-year old daughter polishing the side of my Stinger,  
pictures of Bill Mitchell of GM addressing the banquet, dark, indoor photos  
of the vendor area and lots of runs at the Autocross, (including my FTD 
run!).  There were a couple of special  "Lakewoods" at the convention, one was  
shortened by removal of the rear doors, "Puddlewood?". It was short! The 
other  one had an additional pair of doors added - now three doors on each side! 
-  it was long!  I wondered if anyone knows what became of this long car.  
I don't need another car right now, I just wondered because I haven't seen 
this  car since that Convention. Is it still around? Is it stuck in a tight 
corner  somewhere?
Seth Emerson

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