<VV> Dual Brake M/C

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 29 16:54:22 EST 2010

Good question. Anybody have a bunch or so hanging around to inspect one? Heck 
even send it to me. I'll do it.

Being an ex manufacturing engineer, I wonder how they made the block. I don t 
want to cut mine open, as that is an expensive bit or research, without having a 

The illustrated parts book with pn 3904303 calls it a "switch assy"  in 4.686. 
The book pn 3904303 also calls it a "switch assy-bracket, brake press 
indicator"  in 4.874

I'm betting it is only a switch to tell you you are in deep s**t.


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Could someone cut one open to see exactly how it works?

Just my thought, Bill Loftin

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