<VV> Corvair on cover

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Thu Dec 30 12:58:43 EST 2010

Smitty Says;  This may have already been mentioned but the new Jobber 
classic car calander from NAPA  not only has a Corvair on the cover but 
others inside as well.  If you aren't running a shop that deals with NAPA 
you may find this one hard to get.  Their regular showroom customer calender 
is nothing special to us.
> Whilst perusing my latest copy of the Eastwood catalog I noticed a Corvair 
> photo on page 2.
> It is the Customet Car of the month feature.
> It's a 65 coupe owned by a Mike Johnson.
> It states you can read about his resto on the Eastwood site.
> www.eastwood.com/car_of_the_month
> Rick

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