<VV> removing brake drums rusted to shoes

Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Thu Dec 30 13:13:27 EST 2010

I had what I considered the mother of all frozen brake drums.
Used a 4wd vehicle to drag the car out of the low lying garage with dirt
floor it was in.
All 4 wheels frozen.
Dragged it down their concrete driveway, still all frozen.
One wheel at  time I beat on them relentlessly with a sledge hammer until
they turned, or broke.

Lets face it, if they are frozen bad enough, they will be junk when you get
them off anyways.
Most people have spares, and the shoes and hardware are already shot.
As it turned out.
The owner of this car, when faced with an estimate on what it would cost him
to make it roadable again, decided to sell it to me for parts.
And it really was no more than a parts car.

Gary Swiatowy

From: "Clark Hartzel" <chartzel at comcast.net>
Subject: <VV> removing brake drums rusted to shoes

Andy K:  cutting the heads off the little nails is only part of the problem.
The shoes are still retained by the pullback springs.
What worked for me once was dragging the car out of the dirt floor garage it
was in with a tow strap and when the wheels hit pavement and got traction
they both broke loose.  I say both wheels as the fronts won't be seized,
only the rears if the e-brake was left on.  I don't know where your car is
located but try dragging it around on pavement before taking more severe
Clark Hartzel 

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