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Fri Dec 31 10:41:58 EST 2010


I need to set up an engine on which, because of space constraints, I can use only two carbs; one on each head. (This is going in my 66 912 Porvair.) My intention is to use 140 heads with one carb pad on each head blocked off, combustion chambers cleaned up, slant exhaust tubes, and headers. Currently, I run a Rochester 4-barrel on a two runner manifold, but the driveability is poor at best (typical tip in problems). My choices for the future are these: 

- Keep the current system and completely rework the carb or replace with a Holley.
- Replace the 4-barrel with a two Rochester H carbs that have been modified for performance.
- Replace the 4-barrel with two progressive 2-barrel carbs (Holley or Weber).

I'm not interested in fuel injection at this time. My goal is better low-end performance while still retaining some high-end performance. I use the car for city driving and would like to set it up for autocrossing.

Please share your thoughts on carb ideas, what you have used, and what your experiences have been with different systems.

Joe White (62 4-door, 66 Porvair)

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