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Mon Nov 1 09:46:35 EDT 2010

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Subject: <VV> 69 Vert, Got a Buyer

> Smitty Says;   Guy in Germany sent a post saying he wanted the car.  He 
> wants it so bad he is sending money over the cost of the car for shipping 
> and insurance etc.  I wonder if he would mind us using and paying our own 
> shipper for the car rather than the one he is sending.  I'm sure we can 
> trust the guy cause he has a big long title for his job.  Would it be 
> unethical to hold the check until it has been cleared by the bank it is 
> written on in Germany?
I would hold the vair here, and sign over the check as a donation to the _ 
GebattenundGehungenJews _ organization in Weisbaden ...  I am sure their 
reputation as nasty skinheads is over-exaggerated.   I only hope the check 
is good, as the GGBJ might not obey dainty social ettiquete if the check 
bounced on them...
just a thought, ken in the other potatoe state of iou 

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