<VV> "new" '69 Corvair's (#5630 and #4465) for sale at Mecum - 11 miles and 15 miles!!!

dave at arborlea.com dave at arborlea.com
Tue Nov 2 12:54:12 EDT 2010

I had previously posted about the two low-mileage '69s, and the very nice
'60 available at the Bob McDorman Collection auction this weekend (November
6, 2010).  I was curious about the claimed low mileage and also what the
VIN's were, so I sent them an email.  Their response:  

>  S34 105679W705630, shows 11 miles
>  S35 105379W704465, shows 15 miles (still has partial window sticker)
>  Vehicles have been stored in less than ideal settings.  Light surface
>  general under carriage dulling and cob webs.

Anyone going to this auction (southeast of Columbus OH) who could take a
look at these and take some pictures?  I would bet they will go for crazy
money, but you never know...  Both amazing finds!  I do not have my '69 FTF
book with me to see if they are listed in it or not.


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