<VV> Palm Springs Adventure

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Thu Nov 4 00:50:46 EDT 2010

Copper pipe works real fine on temporary fixing gas lines as it needs single flare only. Double flare is a must on steel pipe.
BTW, copper pipe is easier to get.

Daniel Monasterio

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> Subject: <VV> Palm Springs Adventure
> I got lucky on one trip - about 50 or so miles from home - in Woodstock, IL. 
> Smelled fuel and checked - on the Vert.  Leak at that little 90 degree bend 
> which goes into the secondary carb on the right side.  Pulled into a FLAPS 
> (local is a relative term here) which I could see a block away and bought a 
> piece of line.
> The guy behind the counter let me borrow (off the shelf) a new tube bender 
> and a flare tool.  So, on a 90+ August day and with the sweat dripping onto 
> the inside surface of my glasses, I set about to replicate that short, 
> tight, 90 degree bend for the secondary.  I found out that you can't make 
> that bend with a hand tool.
> On the third try (giving up on the 90 bend) I created a loop to carry gas to 
> that carb.  Since it was a single flare, it only lasted about six weeks, but 
> I was prepared by then.  I now carry those short 90 bends in my road kit.
> Later, JR

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