<VV> Double Flare

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Thu Nov 4 05:19:27 EDT 2010

My experience with fuel lines is they will eventually leak at the tube nut 
connection. I was told that it would happen on my racer when it had stock 
steel fuel line at the carbs and during the race school last year it did. It 
was the short 90 degree fitting off the tee going to the secondary carb.
Luck was with me as it was discovered in the pit both times and my "crew 
chief" Mike Levine fixed it. There are no steel lines on the carbs anymore.
Of course this was on a race car with solid mount engine.


>> From: Frank Ness <aircoolvair at yahoo.com>
> > Smitty reminded me about a question I had wanted to ask. When is a 
> > double
> flare
>> needed in the fuel line service? You should not see a much pressure.
> =========================
> Frank it isn't the pressure involved .  It is the conformability of a 
> double
> flare that allows it to seat and compress at an angle if necessary.  (Tube
> not lined up with the cone in the fitting).  They also seat better on a
> damaged cone..  There are some who claim that there is less fatigue at the
> flare juncture with the tube with a double flare.  May be true.  No 
> argument
> from me.  All I want to do is get home, as I have several times with fuel
> lines, and once with a brake line.           Smitty

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