<VV> Stunning '64 Monza vert on Ebay

Taruffi57 at aol.com Taruffi57 at aol.com
Thu Nov 4 07:44:17 EDT 2010

Ahhhh.......the doubting Thomas's......
I wouldn't have posted my notice about this car if I didn't know it is  
what he says it is, I've actually seen the car about 3 times over the  years.   
Maintained to new condition, protected, and the mileage  correct.  When I 
first saw it, it had circa 12,000 miles on it and that was  when it was 20 
yrs. old.    I inquired about buying it and he said he  didn't know, but was 
inclined to hold it for the time being.  I later asked  again and he said he 
had decoded to some day give it to his Son.  He did  not drive it on any 
regular basis.
NOTE his statement "restoration performed more from lack of use than  
miles".  He probably didn't even need to restore it from what I saw  both with 
the car and the kind of guy he is.  I'll guarantee you it's a  concourse 
trophy winner.  And yeah, he needs to post more pics, but I think  that he just 
knows what he has.  Take a look at his home in the  background.  This not a 
guy who cuts corners for lack of money.  
I think that's the old Bill Thomas 4 carb.conversion kit that he did, not  
long after he bought it new.  I just remembered sonething else,  He  told me 
he pulled the carpets and sealed the floorboards when new too.
I would guess the guy is in his 80's by now.
Joe Dunlap

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