<VV> Passing of Lew Rishel

Marc Marcoulides hharpo at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 4 18:46:40 EDT 2010

notifying others would be nice, thank you.  I'm only able to notify those who have written him here at this email address.  He is being cremated and we are having a small gathering of family and friends here at home. 
Condolences can be sent to Mom at the following address:
Ruth Rishel
4751 Mt. St. Helens Drive
San Diego, CA  92117
Thank you for your kind words
--- On Thu, 11/4/10, Marc Marcoulides <hharpo at earthlink.net> wrote:

Am so sorry for your loss, we shared a very enjoyable hobby for more years than I like to think about. Try to take some comfort in knowing your dad was a terrific guy. Always willing to share. If you permit I can forward a notice to our group via the internet. If yes, and funeral arrangements are available I can post those too.

sadly, I must inform you, my Dad, Lew Rishel, has passed away.  He got sick with pneumonia and was admitted to the VA Hospital in early October.  He passed on October 28th at about 1:00 in the morning, we were with him when he passed. 
Naomi Rishel Lewis
nlewis1 at sandi.net


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