<VV> Plug gap

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 6 00:24:40 EDT 2010

I decided to look at the plugs because of what seems like excessive  
gas smells while running.  There are no detectable gas leaks anywhere  
in the lines. The gap on the plugs is at .030.  I have almost  
everything new(ish) on the rebuild including plugs, distributor cap,  
Seth's plug wires, Pertronix I, Flamethower coil, and rebuilt carbs.   
The advance is 29 degrees BTDC.  I'm using 93 octane.  Should I widen  
the gap and/or look elsewhere?

Stephen Upham
'65 Monza 110 PG  A/C (not installed)
"The original 4 door sports car"

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