<VV> McDorman Corvairs

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I must have missed something in the typing, as the 69 coupe actually went  
for 12,500
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dave at arborlea.com writes:

Thanks!!!  I was wondering what they went for.  Not too  crazy actually.  
say the deal was on the '60 Coupe for $13k - it  looked really nice...
Although the '69 Coupe at $12k doesn't sound too bad  either.


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The 60 Coupe went for  $13,000
The 64 Monza coupe went for $7000

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ChiefTAM at aol.com  writes:

The 69  Corvairs just sold at the McDorman  auction

The 69 Convertible went for  21,500
The 69 Coupe went  for 12,000

Todd in   Mn

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